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24-Dec-2017 03:42

That executives at Fox saw that America was quickly tiring of chiseled hunks and gorgeous babes with big knockers and that the much-neglected dwarf market needed a bit o’ tappin’?

No, shocking as it might seem, this is nothing more than the most egregious example yet of shock, exploitation, and humiliation passing as an evening’s entertainment. While I have not recovered my humanity and remain unwilling to grant Constitutional protection to the munchkin class, I object to because it made me feel unclean. Not offended necessarily, as I have advocated in the past for a nationwide resurrection of midget-tossing, but disgusted and appalled by the sheer hypocrisy of the event.

But of course, Zoo Productions denied all accusations relating to the exploitation of Gomez's condition.

It's just a regular man trying to find some true love… (Source) The reality show hosted by the famous political bimbo Monica Lewinsky was truly absurd.

The reality show genre, which up until now has been merely obnoxious and crude, has now passed into a world where even UPN fears to tread.

The glorious, Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox Network (let us never forget this fact), has now given us a dating show — or, to be more specific, a show with marriage as its stated goal — for is about the triumph of love?

Things were just fine when I was roaring with delight over the plight of the midget, but I’ll be damned if Ill stand by and let trailer-dwelling in-breeders join the party.

The show centers around 23-year-old Glen Foster, a wee-man from Philadelphia who considers himself quite the ladies’ man.

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Of course the show had a zillion critics before even getting it pilot.

"My sense is that they probably didn't do anything too derogatory." But the retired software design and sales executive said he remains troubled about the idea of throwing averaged-sized women into the mix, an element of the show he called "ill-advised" and potentially hurtful to his members.